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I can't do hedge pruning and use Gardening Company Paddington to do instead. They're really good and aren't dear at all.

  • Frances Collins

I have used quite a few gardeners throughout the years and Garden Designers Paddington is, by far, my favourite. They are the nicest blokes and are the best in the lawn care business.

  • Jessie Y.

Garden Maintenance Paddington is the best in providing top quality garden maintenance and it's a cheap service. When I made my first appointment, they arrived promptly at the address. Highly recommended!

  • Benjamin M.

I bought a new home and the lawn looked like it had been neglected for quite some time. The lawn care people at Gardening Company Paddington gave me suggestions for treatments and were able to come out for service almost immediately. It was very affordable and I am pleased with the way it fixed my lawn.

  • Jeremy G.

GardenersPaddington are super helpful with my garden maintenance, they do everything I can't be bothered to do, and make my garden look so much better when they come over.

  • Laura Lowell

Absolutely brilliant service from Garden Maintenance Paddington. They will do all of our garden maintenance from now on.

  • Richard Wolfindale

Gardening Company Paddington has a great garden design service that is affordable. Their team came in and got the job done quick and left me with a smile.

  • Darren W.

Garden maintenance may seem like an easy task - well GardenersPaddington certainly made it look so anyway. They had no issues - they just turned up and got on with the task at hand. I can't fault any aspect of the work they carried out.

  • Bradley B.

Garden Designers Paddington are the only people I call when I want planting work done. They have always worked hard to make my garden look good and they make the work look easy. They have added a wide range of flora to my garden and I'm sure they'll be doing it for quite a while.

  • Bill Langley

If you need help with garden tidy ups, Gardening Company Paddington are the company to call! They'll tailor a quote to your budget and will do it at a time and date that's convenient to you. We've had them help us on weekends and bank holidays so we don't have to take time off work and they always show up when they say they're going to.

  • Hilary R.

Good lads and very hard working, knowledgeable and skilled gardeners. They did a great job when I hired their services; they demolished my old garden shed without any problems and put up a new and improved shed in its place. A fantastic service that I'll definitely be using again. If you're thinking of carrying out a landscaping project, or are just in need of a general maintenance service, give Garden Designers Paddington a call, and I'm sure that like me, you won't be disappointed.

  • T. Rimmer

I wanted my garden done up as quickly as possible. I was sick of looking at the mess that it was through my window and so I wanted an attractive garden as soon as possible. This is why I hired Garden Maintenance Paddington because I knew they would be able to do the job I needed done and have it done quickly. They turned my garden from messy to beautiful in no time, giving me the service and results I desired.

  • Mary Campbell

If I needed professional gardening services again in the future I would not think twice about hiring Garden Designs Paddington - they're such a professional and reliable company that really deserves the appraisal! I would certainly recommend them!

  • Karen Sharp

I hired gardening experts to revamp the small outside area I had in my home. Gardening Company Paddington did the landscaping service at a good cost and improved the outside space significantly. I was so pleased with the work and cost and mostly the results.

  • Tim Rowe

Garden Maintenance Paddington were brilliant and the team that worked in my garden were fantastic! They ran into some unforeseen problems, so I thought that I was going to have to shell out even more money but they rectified the situation quickly and efficiently and they still charged me the price agreed beforehand! Very trustworthy! I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone else looking for a reliable team of gardeners.

  • Kristie Marie

If you want the best landscaping support in the area, then look no further than Garden Designers Paddington. They are the best gardening team I have ever seen, as they transformed for my garden in no time at all. For excellent landscaping results, call them today.

  • Ned Parker

This is just a note to say thank you for the gardening work done in our family house. I liked the working style of GardenersPaddington. They know their job well and unlike other gardening services, they don't waste any time. They come, perform their task and leave. They value their customers, taking into consideration all our suggestions. I remember how your team came up with some innovative hedge designs. I love their attitude and love towards gardening. Please continue to treat my garden with love and care like you always have.

  • Jeffrey R.

I have nothing bad to say about Gardening Company Paddington. From the moment I called them up, everything ran like clockwork. Their team turned up on the dot at the prearranged time with all their equipment and expertise and got started right away. Very soon my hedges were neat and tidy, my lawn was short and trim and my patio was free from grime and weeds. Thanks for all the brilliant work.

  • Linda

After a hard winter, it's really difficult to resurrect your garden - or at least that's what I found. I usually call Garden Designers Paddington because I know they charge a very good price for complete garden clearance. They are also able to advise or carry out your planting and because their knowledge is so good, they can suggest things you would never think of. I wasn't really interested in gardening before, but I am now!

  • Andreas

We have been using Garden Designs Paddington's gardening services for the last six months for fortnightly garden tidy ups. They have meticulously handled weeding and digging of flower beds to create a stunning garden. It is the first time that I am using the services of a professional gardening company and was quite anxious when we started six months ago but now I am more than happy with results. The team readily answer our questions and also offer advice on maintaining the garden.

  • Brenda Butler

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